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Billie began her love affair with Pilates over eight years ago and quickly noticed changes in her body. Billie, being a mother to a daughter born on 1990, was shocked that her body looked even better than when she was 18 years old. She quickly realized that Pilates is also not just about building lean muscle but building the connections that make everyday activities flow easier. Her life seemed to change with Pilates and everything became easier. She was amazed by what the body can do when that mindful movement connection is made. She believes the mind/ body/breath focus on Pilates is a truly healthy way to work the body as a whole and extremely uplifting for the spirit. Two of her trainers suggested that she should train to become a trainer and she started her training.

She is trained in the Body Arts and Science method of Pilates. She received her certification at Pure Pilates studio in Orange County and completed a comprehensive course including 500 hours Pilates reformer and mat Pilates She got her spring board certifications by balance
body. She has been teaching for since 2008 and in 2013 she completed her certification in pre and post-natal Pilates and pelvic floor rehabilitation with Stephanie Forster at Preggo Pilates. She also attended the lecture on diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. She is trained to focus on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of diastasis.

She moved to Texas in 2016 from California and opened her first studio in Humble. Pilates is a passion for Billie that she hopes to ignite it in those around her. She is continually excited about and inspired by the broad spectrum of the population that Pilates relates to and how it can be tailored to address individual needs while its principles are infallible and never changing.

Laurre harrison


Laurre is a certified Barre Instructor. She started taking Barre classes in 2014 and fell in love with how it made her body feel. The shape of her muscles, the toning and the stretching. “Barre, Yoga and Pilates helped me to fall in love with the strength of my body”.

Laurre wants to share her love of fitness and body awareness with her clients. Her goal is to create a fun, welcoming space to create an opportunity for you to feel strong, capable and successful. Laurre’s Moto is “Love yourself enough to take care of yourself “.

Laurre taught classes at Barrefly Studio and ReZist Studio in Ohio. She taught Barre, Yogalates , Pilates, Pound, TRX and cardio classes. She enjoyed interacting with the clients and after seeing such an improvement in their mind and body she continued her education and was certified in Pound Fitness, ReZist Fitness, Reiki Healing Level 1 and NCEP Personal Training.

Laurre has always enjoyed dance and body movement since she was a young girl. She danced on the dance team in high school and received a dance scholarship for College.
During her College years she would travel to local high schools to help judge their tryouts.

Laurre is married, has two kids and a dog. She has lived in Paris France and Dubai and Ohio. She loves to travel and explore new things. After moving back to Texas, she found Pure Passion Pilates and immediately started her certification for Pilates and is certified to teach group classes and private classes. She is also certified to teach sessions on the Wunda chair and Trapeze table. Laurre has studied and has taken workshops to learn what Fascia is and why it matters along with finding and working with trigger points in your body. She loves working with clients in private sessions to really connect with them and to help them move their body more proficiently by overcoming their limitations to achieve their goal.

viviane khalaf


A fitness enthusiast for years Viviane have always been active, once she entered the motherhood world she stopped working as an economist. After getting certified as a Personal Trainer through NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine and along the way she discovered Pilates after an injury and once she tried it she got interested in the movement of the body and fascinated by the relationship between body and mind and decided to pursue her dream and get certified as a teacher and she completed a local 500-hour Pilates teacher training and got her certification from Pure Passion Pilates in 2016 and since then her journey started taking more training classes and more workshops in order to satisfy her passion.

She found a profound calling in teaching because it allows her to connect with people, guide them in awareness of how their individual body functions in safe and efficient manner, as well as challenge and encourage people to reach their optimal potential.

Whether you’re training solo or attending group classes, Viviane offers an individual experience focusing on your unique needs and goals. Her passion lies in helping clients move and strengthen from the inside out, with a special emphasis on correct alignment.

Viviane’s dedication to physical health, her strong energy, and a genuine love for helping people achieve their full potential; provide her clients with a custom, effective experience. She believes that strengthening the body and mind have a direct impact on one’s overall happiness.




Khelsey completed her Pure Passion Pilates training in our studio and received her certification in 2019. Khelsey is a stay at home mom of two young, energetic kids and a puppy. she also helps to care for her mom. Khelsey has been active most of her life and loved taking CrossFit and Boot Camp classes but after suffering from some sport injuries she knew she needed to take a little extra care for her body. After being introduced to Pilates, she quickly fell in love with it. Khelsey loved how the BASI program, that is used at Pure Passion
Pilates Studio, challenged her body and mind. After seeing the positive affects, it had on her and the people around her. Khelsey made it her mission to bring the beauty a Pilates to others. Khelsey understands what it means to be a mom on the go! So she likes to help busy moms shred that unwanted extra weight. Khelsey‘s motto is: I help people who don’t feel motivated to stay accountable and hit their goals.

Khelsey plans on continuing her education by taking workshops and classes to better understand on how to help her clients Move better and pain-free.

sandy PENA


Sandy is a mom, who enjoys staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. Before Pilates, Sandy worked in the Healthcare industry for 20 years. Working alongside physicians and specialist. This eventually took her to working at Mischer Neuroscience Center with Memorial Herman for 4
years. Sandy has a passion in helping patients with any neurological   disorders from neurosurgery, transplants, and dementia. During her
work with patients, she continued to practice her love for Pilates and turned her focus on pain free moment. After working with patients who had neurological issues, she realized just how Pilates can improve your memory by training your brain, “Brain Fitness”, when you learn new activities. Sandy is currently  completing the Instructor Training Program at Pure Passion Pilates and has begun her student teaching. Sandy is enjoying working with and helping clients by sharing the same love and passion for health, strength, breath and movement. Sandy wants everyone to be able to have a Pilates body by encouraging the mind and body to work together and achieve overall wellness.