425-Hour Certification Program includes:
65 Module Hours 
100 Observation Hours
160 Self-Practice Hours
100 Teaching Hours
Training Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

 65 MODULE HOURS: The module hours refer to those hours in which you attend the pre-scheduled sessions. Please see program schedule for specific dates and times. We understand that life happens and that you may not be able to attend all 15 sessions. If you have a prior engagement that will prevent you from attending, please let the staff know that date ASAP. We will let you miss up to two days. If you must miss a day, please spend time reviewing the study guide and any handouts relevant to that date. You will be required to take a short quiz on that session’s material on your return.

100 OBSERVATION HOURS: Observation of different instructors is critical in this program. Every Pilates instructor has a unique teaching style. You will develop your own unique teaching style as well. When you observe, pay attention to the instructor’s strengths as well as what sets them apart from others. Notice the different ways in which a single exercise may be described or how clients respond to different cues. Try to observe a variety of classes (i.e. classic style groups, boot camp style groups, level 1 versus all level groups, one-on-one privates). Be sure to obtain a signature from the instructor for every hour observed. Please review Observation Protocols carefully.

Pilates Anytime (PA) is our biggest trade secret. It is a subscription-based program online (www.pilatesanytime.com) that showcases Pilates classes by instructors across the nation and around the world. The program also has tutorials and workshops. We are pleased to provide you a subscription to Pilates Anytime for the duration of your attendance in the Pure Passion Pilates Certification Program.

You may have 50 (out of your 100) observation hours come from Pilates Anytime. Use your own signature in the observation log for PA hours. We will require you to fill out an Observation Worksheet for every session observed.
User Name: Bfenerci13@gmail.com   Password: ask Billie

160 SELF-PRACTICE HOURS: The 160 self-practice hours may include sessions that you take from other instructors (private, semi-private, or group) and the time you spend practicing on your own (or perhaps with a friend from the program. Please consider taking sessions from different instructors as well. Whenever you attend a class, please remember to have the instructor sign off on your log. You may sign off on your own self-practice. We require that 20 of your 160 self-practice hours be mat exercises. 10 of these 20 hours must be in a class with a certified-mat instructor. Tip: If you are practicing with a friend from the program, take turns describing exercises as you perform them.

100 TEACHING HOURS: From the 100 required teaching hours, 60 of these will be practice teaching hours while the remaining 40 will be assistant teaching hours.

60 PRACTICE TEACHING HOURS: We recommend you begin practice teaching from the onset of the program. We understand that teaching can be nerve-wracking, and so you might want to begin teaching your most accepting audience: your family and friends. Use them as your “guinea pigs”! Please make sure your clients complete a waiver (there will be a marked folder in the studio) at their first session with you. These practice teaching sessions must not be with Pure Passion Pilates’ clients nor will the client pay. Please plan your sessions and keep a detailed Practice Teaching Session Worksheet for each session. Have your clients complete the Client Evaluation Form after each session.

40 ASSISTANT TEACHING HOURS: Working one-on-one with the instructors will be invaluable in gaining professional feedback. This is your opportunity to showcase what you have learned and to continue to fine-tune your teaching skills. We ask that you begin Assistant Teaching after Session 5. Be sure to seek variety in your assistant teaching hours, both in terms of the instructor as well as types of sessions (groups and privates). Remember to have the instructor sign off for every hour you assist.

 TRAINING DOCUMENTS: Studio Usage | Safety Guidelines | Observation Protocols | Assistant Teaching

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