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Pilates Group Classes in Humble TX

Strengthen your muscles and become leaner with Pure Passion Pilates. Our Pilates exercise machines help you improve your balance, flexibility, core strength, and longevity. Throughout Humble, Texas, we provide pilates group classes at an affordable price. With our various group and  private packages, you can do classes every day, or just whenever you want them. We do ask that everyone wear toe socks. There are ten Allegro 2™ units for doing Pilates.

Beginner Group Exercises

Boot Camp

There are several different courses to choose from, depending on your level of expertise. Our boot class camp is a fast-paced class with few breaks. It uses hand weights and machines for cardio. Not everyone can attend this rigorous one-hour course.

Beginners Classes

For people who are exercising for the first time, our Level 1 class helps you get to know the machines. These have exercises that everyone can do. This is ideal for someone who is injured or interested in learning about their body. This teaches you how to breathe in and out, as well as how to work the machine. This one-hour class is ideal for people who are interested in a social exercise group.

Prenatal and Postnatal Classes

These sessions use special equipment for people who are 4 months or more along in their pregnancy. We show you how to lay flat, breathe, and carry your core muscles. This course teaches you how to work your muscles throughout your body.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes

With our more advanced classes, we test your muscles and help you become more flexible while pushing you to your limit. Our Level 2 and 3 classes involve carrying five-pound weights. This helps you control your muscle development and flexibility, especially at an older age. These one-hour classes truly test your strength.

Rigorous Training Levels

There will be challenges that require you to perform exercises you have never done before, once or twice a week. Level 2 is ideal for those who know what they are doing, understand how the machines work, and ready to exercise their whole body. Level 3 is for people who are already fit, as this involves the hardest challenges. You must get the instructor's permission before attending the Level 3 course.

Students Multi Equipment Pilates Sessions

Now more than ever, young people need targeted exercise programs to keep them interested and committed. Pilates will help them improve their athletic skills, develop great posture, muscle strength, flexibility, body awareness and self confidence for a life time!

Using the padded surface of the Jumpboard and the spring resistance of the Reformer, see how engaging yet challenging sessions can be developed for this group.

Pilates is a great addition to any activity, Dance, Sports or on its own! Pilates is a 60 minute class for clients ages 13-23. Pilates complements all sports, dance, gymnastics, and more!

Pilates Class

One-on-One Exercise Sessions

Push your body to its absolute limit at your own privacy with Pure Passion Pilates. Based in Humble, Texas, we provide private exercise classes for people who are injured or in need of one-on-one attention. Depending on the injury, we have a schedule of work for you to go off of. Pilates training is ideal for those who can't do any other exercise. We start by assessing the person to know what their capabilities are. One-on-one sessions can also benefit people who are going through chemotherapy to get stronger.

Semiprivate Training

Semiprivate Training

With our semiprivate class, we train up to three people at a time. This allows a close group to get the instructor to themselves for personal attention. The first class is free of charge and only takes 20 minutes per person. This can be done either with close friends or with people who don't know each other. You can schedule a semi-private session when there isn't a group class going on.

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